Shed Foundational Ontology

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The Semantic Shed Foundational Ontology =

SFO or maybe SSFO


A significant portion of this has been built already.

The ontology is based on

  • The original conceptual underpinnings of the FIBO ontology
  • Elevation and extension of concepts in the REA Ontology, to cover all types of agreement (not limited to transactional agreements)
  • Additional explorations (typically at Semantic Shed Summer Camps and on our regular calls)


The Semantic Shed Foundational Ontology is conceived in Description Logic and serialized in OWL.

It uses a modular approach in which each namespace fragment corresponds to a group of thematically linked ontologies

The ontology uses a simple Top Level Ontology based on the top layer (only) of John F Sowa's Knowledge Representation Lattice. This has been extended with additional material and refinements.

There is no 'second' layer as Top Level Ontology; instead the next layer consists of the most atomic business / real world concepts, such as 'Goal'.